I often wear my coat to bed and I fall asleep on the sofa till 1am most nights.

..In my make up.

I cook the same four meals over and over again.

I read poetry to my cats. I walk my cats. I’m that girl.

Although I have a garden, I don’t garden if you know what I mean.

It takes me approximately 3-10 working days to get my washing in.

When I cry I put socks on my hands and use them to dry my tears. It works.

I have one bag, that’s it. It does the job.

I shower alot, because I don’t have a bath and I like to feel warm.

I write alot, and most of it I can’t read back because when I was younger I made up a secret Scribbly handwriting that only I could read and now it’s gotten ridiculous.

I clean my dishes the next morning most of the time.

My accent changes depending on who I’m talking to. I swear alot, depending on who I’m talking to.

I’m impulsive and I’m emotional and I cry,


I’m dedicating this post to a man who I knew. Who was the walking, talking epitomy of self acceptance. It was an absolute honour to have loved, to have learnt from and to have known you 🙏🏻

Own who you are.. your imperfections are just as much a part of you. You must own them too.

So who oh who may You be?
All my love to you,

AC x 🙏🏻

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