When Corona took the world by storm

A few months ago I was ready to start a new life in Melbourne…

I had sold my car, I had a corporate job all lined up, my bags were packed and I was ready to pack up the cats, jump on the plane and start a new ..

When corona took the world by storm 🌪

Overnight the borders closed down. My events job ended, the corporate role was no longer available and all planes stopped flying anywhere.

My plan of a new life was squashed. Instantly.

Instead the world forced us all to STOP.

To Stay inside and take a good hard look at who we are and what we were doing.

Tough at first, I did not know what to do with myself. I went for walks in nature, I meditated for hours everyday and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.

In stopping, I realised these
3 MAJOR things:

1. I didn’t actually want the new job I was about to enter.
2. I was only moving away to escape the memories of my old life with my ex.
3. I love to write. It’s something I do without even thinking. It’s something I disregard because it’s just something I do. But I love it. I’ve always done it. It’s ‘my thing’.

It was crazy, as soon as I realised this everything began to change ..

My heart opened to new opportunities that just flowed so effortlessly in to my life.

>>Even whilst we were in lock down!!

I began to write more and empower people with quotes, stories and messages of inspiration everyday.

People thanked me, gave me their insights and asked my advice on how to find out more.


(This is especially exciting for the inspirational and freedom lovers out there…)

I partnered with an award winning global personal development company, so that I could help people truly


Stay tuned for more exciting details coming up!

And perhaps consider this…

One day we may all look back years from now and realise that STOPPING was quite possibly the very best Action we ever took.

My all,
AC x