The Woman I wish to be

Whenever I get lost in it all and my mind is all muddled, I remind myself of the woman I wish to be ..

The woman I wish to be wakes up with a calm heart. Always.

She has confidence and poise, knowing what she has to do that day.

She doesn’t dilly dally, she strides with effortless ease and assurance.

She’s a bold woman.

The woman I wish to be has it all worked out.

She doesn’t waste time on little things.

She gets stuff done and doesn’t care much for consequences. She just makes decisions and roles with it.

She is creative and she is wonderful.

She has so much elegance about her. The way she walks, talks, dresses.

She’s a real woman.

In times of stress and strain she holds her head high and knows everything is going to be alright because she’s got her own back. She doesn’t need rescuing.

She already rescued herself.

This is the woman I wish to be.
AC x

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