Inside you will find the healer.

She is a feminine creative energy that has lived inside you all along.

She has been there in the cellar painting, crying, aching.

She has given in to your doing, doing, doing. She is left numb.

But within her she has forever harboured a centre of hope.

She knew that one day you would settle and you would see.

Your eyes would open and see her.

See her radiate love and light to the world. See the pure infinite love she had all along.

See her softness as beauty.

She has been there waiting for you to Stop doing in the wrong direction.

Waiting patiently knowing one day you would set her free to reign with her humble heart.

See her vulnerability, her goodness, her grace, her elegance, her joy, her wisdom.

Her love.

She is within you. The feminine warrior. The healer. The creative energy. The truest true love.

It’s now time to set her free.

All my love,
AC x

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