Do you sometimes wonder whether some people were sent to you?

Just for a moment in time they were given to you to help you remember you…

Through the shrugged shoulders, the hiding in the back, the over politeness, the never speaking up, the sigh under breath and the smile that masks lost dreams.

They See You.

The potential that perhaps you don’t even see anymore.

They See You.

And every time they look into your eyes, they look at you with that discerning way that makes you realise they know it and you know they know it. But it scares you..

They See You.

You’ve been hiding from it your whole life.

They See You.

Every choice, every decision you made before meeting them confirmed to you that you were only half a person and you were happy as that. That was comfortable to you. You knew that life.

But They See You.

They see you are more and That’s the ONLY way they see you.

They look at you as if you hold the truth to every secret untold.

They look at you as if you are the shooting star they have wished on.

As if you can make ANYTHING in this whole entire world possible.

They See You.

Well those people, I believe those people were sent to you. So that one day you wake up, look in the mirror, stretch and perhaps catch your own eye and finally after a lifetime of hiding..

You See You Too.

Sending love to those people, to you and to whoever you wish to be.
AC x

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