Last year I rescued a little girl

I was walking along the banks of a river. And out of no where a little girl started following me.

About 3 or 4 years old, she was wearing a dirty grey hoody and had no trousers or shoes on.

Trudging through leaves behind me she kept her hood up whilst looking at the floor so I couldn’t see her face.

I started to feel frustrated.

It annoyed me that she was following me, where were her parents?! I just wanted to be left alone!

Furiously I turned to face her, crouched down and pulled back her hood. She gazed up at me with blue eyes filled with tears and matted blond locks.

And in that moment I instantly realised that this little girl wasn’t just a random little girl off the streets,

she was me.

I had ignored her, neglected her, let horrible people hurt her. I had completely lost her.

Tears flooded my eyes as I hugged her so tightly promising from now on I would look after her no matter what.

I told her that
I would always keep her safe, I would make sure to prioritise fun and laughter and I would NEVER let another person hurt her ever again.

I then woke to real tears streaming down my face.

Both a dream and a wake up call. Rising that morning to that fact that

No one can love you like you.

Be good to yourselves all.
My love,

AC x