Just Read 1 Page a day…

A few years ago I completed an online personal development course by Tai Lopez.

The hugely successful entrepreneur, self help book fanatic, master reader, attainer of knowledge himself. Whose path to success was paved with books, thousands of them.

I remember very clearly Tai saying that if you can’t find time to read much, then aim to read just 1 page a day.

YES 1 page.

…I took that challenge up today when I decided to read page 67 of ‘Live more happy’ by Darren Morton.

AND in the one page I read I remember these 3 things:

1. We are more likely to remember someone if they trigger a strong feeling in us.

2. Studies show that strong social relationships are as important to a long life as not smoking.

3. Being rejected triggers the same emotional response in our brains to being physically hurt.

We are wired to connect with people through our feelings. We are born to be part of a tribe, yet we must choose wisely who we let in our tribe. An explanation for why ‘Ghosting’ is such a traumatic way of being dumped.

ANNNND…You can learn a lot from reading just 1 page.

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