Surround Yourself With Empowering Messages

After the breakup of my marriage I had condensed my life into one cardboard box. I had few possessions to piece together a solo life and I felt I needed something to uplift me everyday on my new journey of self discovery.

Armed with essential oils, incense, Himalayan salt lamps and candles to lift my mood, I began rebuilding my self esteem and preparing myself for a very exciting yet scary new way of life…

And then out of the blue, look what turned up right before my very eyes!… The guidelines for living an extraordinarily simple, wholesome and adventurous existence.

Sitting alone on a shelf in a charity shop was a message that read so profoundly direct and yet seemingly obvious life advice that felt like it could of almost been written for me.

I snapped it up at a bargain $7 and it has lived in my home ever since.

Surrounding yourself with messages of love and support help you on both a conscious and subconscious level. They sit in your home humbly advocating for what you want to attract in your life, what you stand for and what you want to create!

Choose them wisely and keep a watch out, for the ones that really resonate with you seem to find a way of finding you.

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