Hi! I’m Anna Carla, I’m a multidisciplinary artist and a self love advocate.

I’m originally from the UK and I completed a Fine Art degree in Newcastle Upon Tyne, before leaving for the bright shores of Australia 8 years ago.

I remember having absolutely NO idea of the opportunities or who I could become on the other side of the world, but all I knew was I was destined to be creative.

Several art exhibitions, a stint in TV presenting, a swimwear and textiles business and a divorce later I found myself left with the one and only thing that had stayed consistent throughout my whole life, a chewed up, dog eared A5 diary on hand everywhere I go.

Through the thousands of pages of hope, heartbreak, discontent, self-encouragement, and borrowed inspiration, I now realise that although life doesn’t always go exactly the way you may have planned, it is when you feel like you are losing control of it all and you don’t know which way is up, when you finally find out


Now I can humbly say what motivates me most of all is living an adventurous life of my choice where I wake up excited to begin each and every day and inspire other people to do the very same!

Hold tight and get ready for a revitalising journey of self-discovery that you possibly never even saw coming.

My Love,

AC x