Trust The Signs ♥

So last year I went on this date.

The spark wasn’t quite there for me and I got home and grabbed my phone eagerly ready to send one of those in-the-nicest-possible-way-No messages

..and then HE sends this…

A barrage of loving words flooded through my phone like Casonova himself was on the other side.

I was stunned. This didn’t sound like the man I’d just seen??! Hmm I felt torn. How could I bluntly turn down this guy who seemed so sure?

So I agreed to another date, then another and before long we were officially ‘dating’.

Ignoring my gut instinct was tough. He gave me gifts, introduced me to his whole world and constantly sent the most loving messages I had ever received.

…But It just seemed that every time we were meant to meet up something would go wrong.

I would leave the date and have a parking ticket on my car or right before a date I would get stomach cramp or the flu or I would attempt to drive to his and my car would play up.

You see the thing about intuition is, when it’s not meant to be it’s not only you that truly knows it…

The whole universe conspires to stop it.

I soon realised that this person was carrying around a lot of past trauma and his hurt came out in anger.

And after not trusting myself for months, I courageously vacated that situation and all the angels sang for my freedom.


Your heart will tell you the way if you are willing enough to listen and the universe will show you the way if you are open enough to see.

Keep trusting all.
My love,

AC x

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